Lost in the outskirts of London, England. Children of all ages, get lost, and are scavenging for food. A bright path appears to those who need it most.

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Throwing Books and Other Lovely Shenanigans ((OPEN!))((PG-13 for gory-ness in first post))

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This place had really gone to the dumps since it's high day, back before the English Civil War. Those were the good old days. Those were the days when the current lingering spirits were at their high. Sarah sighed as her conscience slowly drifted her to the times before.

The town was buzzing. Not literally buzzing, but buzzing with excitement. Movement. People. Living people. Sarah was standing right in the middle of it. All of a sudden, there were invaders trying to get through the walls of the town. Gun shots sounded everywhere, overwhelming the sixteen-year-old. In the blink of an eye, the world around her was being engulfed. A searing pain singed across her chest, as a bullet grazed her. Blood stained her favorite, white dress. The image faded as a faint yelling of "Sarah!" echoed throughout the scene.

"Sarah. Sarah. Sarah Ford! Will you pay attention?" a harsh voice, followed by some snapping had brought Sarah back to reality. "Oh Sarah, don't tell me you were daydreaming again."

"I apologize, Miss. I cannot help my mind being as free as it is," Sarah sassed. The other spirit scowled. "Ma'am, if I may. I would suggest not you having your face stay like that. That expression has been known to stay on many people for extended periods." With that, the demonic spirit floated away towards the fiction section.

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Mitchel walked in to the library in hopes of finding a good book and sitting on the floor to read it for the next couple of hours. He walked over toward the fiction section and almost tripped over a Bible. He picked it up, but had no idea where to put it. It didn't belong in the fiction section, because Mitchel believed that the words that were in it spoke the truth, but it didn't belong in the non-fiction section either. He decided that this could be the book that he would read today, and he would put it back later.

Mitchel heard some spirits talking, but he ignored it. He would just leave them alone, and hope he didn't get in an argument with one of them. He did feel kind of bad, taking away thier home. They were probably happy before he had come with Jay. He wanted to walk up to one of them and apologise, but he decided against it. If he made one of them angry, he would be joining them soon.

Mitchel sat down on the ground and leaned up against the wall. He tried to get into the story of Noah and the Ark, but he was too distracted. He looked up at one of the spirits. She looked so sad, and it looked like the ghost next to her had a perminant scowl on her face. He couldn't help it.

"I'm sorry." He hoped they knew what he was apologising for. "I wish I could help you guys turn it back into what it was before."


sigs credit to: Kirralee Tates, Alana Foxx, Laura Arai, Amalia Rine,Hades, and Eli Miller, all from Half-Blood Hill RPG! AND Jayden Clarke!!
Hey Mitchel, you should love Jayden for fixing your animations so they aren't as small ^-^

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Right from when Odie had woken up that morning, he had been feeling odd. Odie's favorite place in Ghost Town was the library. Endless rows and shelves of books was Odie's best friend. So Odie thought that maybe the library would help him get rid of this weird sensation. He walked in, and went to the non-fiction section. As Odie's eyes were slowly scanning the titles, he was thinking about reasons that he was feeling this odd. Was it the lasagna he had last night? The fact that he fell asleep sprawled out on his couch, instead if his bed? The dream he had about Jayden last night? No, it couldn't be that because he had dreams like that about Jayden every night. When Odie finally found a book that he liked which was entitled: "The American Revolution". Odie picked up the book, went to his favorite corner of the library, and plopped down in the most comfortable chair in all of Ghost Town.


Thanks Jayden and Mitchel!!

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