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First Day of work (Open)

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1 First Day of work (Open) on Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:19 pm

Kia walked into the Diner. Her first day of being a waitress. She decided she wanted a job because she wanted it to feel normal to her. So, she asked a Angelic Spirit if she could, the spirit said yes, then boom. She got a job. She smoothed her outfit (A gray, blue dress with blue converse), took out her notepad, and got ready. "I can't believe I got a job! Take that Father..." she muttered. Kia quickly braided her soft, blonde hair. She closed her eyes. She smelled that weird yet calm sea breeze smell that came from her. She looked at her ring with the large purple stone. She was now ready. Perfect, in her mind. She smiled her pretty smile. She would have to cook too for now. It was fine. She could cook fairly well. She heard Laurel, her horse, neigh outside. Kia tied her to a post before she came in. Soon she would make a stable or something for her. And a house for herself. She walked over to a mirror and looked at her self. She looked younger than she really was. She looked about 13 when she was really 15. Yet, she looked calm, confident, cool. Almost like an adult. It scared her. She heard someone coming before she could do anything. She grabbed her notebook and ran to the door with a kind smile on her face. "Hi! I'm Kia! I'll be your waitress today! How are you?"

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2 Re: First Day of work (Open) on Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:57 pm

((isnt that puppet mastering?)

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3 Re: First Day of work (Open) on Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:08 pm

((I don't think it would be puppet-mastering, because, being this is an open thread, anyone could walk in. Plus, she never said like 'Jayden walked in,' that would be puppet-mastering. Though the way that she phrased it at the end is a good way to phrase something. Also, because she is Ghost Town's newest, and only living, waitress, she just politely greeted her first customer.))

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4 Re: First Day of work (Open) on Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:05 pm

((ok, i shall be this customer...)
Odie had been walking along, with nothing to do, until he realized that he was hungry. He decided to slip into the diner before he went to the library for a while. Odie Opened the door, and right as he walked in, he heard someone talking.
"Hi! I'm Kia! I'll be your waitress today! How are you?"
Odie was startled by this sudden voice. "Oh!" Odie said, as he gave a little jump. "Since when did this place have waiters?" Odie muttered to himself. Odie looked up at the unfamiliar face. "Uh, hi. I am Odie Hoff. Umm so, Kia? Are you new?" Odie said, as he walked to a small table with two ratty chairs pulled up close. He pulled one out, and sat down.

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