Lost in the outskirts of London, England. Children of all ages, get lost, and are scavenging for food. A bright path appears to those who need it most.

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1Ellie Empty Ellie on Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:44 pm

Name: Eleanor LaMoore

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Birthday (optional): She just doesn't remember...

Species (underline it) : Demonic Spirit

Appearance: Silvery skin of moonlight, the texture of stars. Eleanor was not pretty in life, but in death she has become radiant-- what use is it to her, though, when everyone she's known and loved has disappeared? Her hair have natural waves, glossy curls now, transparent, spidery ends that glow in the night. A proud, pointed chin, porcelain cheekbones and collar bones, slender throat and clear eyes, an elegant height, perfect stature, just as her mother would have dreamed. The pendent of the LaMoore family dangles at her throat, usually hidden by her gowns.
All her elegant, silken dresses and elaborate things she wears seem to be bloody, and her dress is torn enough to reveal spidery scars that slither across the skin of her leg. If the beauty condemns her? What good is it? That face of hers can be seen smiling when in company. When alone, she never smiles.

Personality: Sadomasochistic. Eleanor can be a nice girl, but there's that brim of insanity that tends to warn people and scare them off. She looks insanely beautiful, but none of it is natural. The works of herbs and rouges and powders and perfumes, and she hates that it's all a lie and yet cannot seem to stand being taunted about her looks. She regrets her actions and mourns everyone she used to know. Slowly depression and bitterness eat her, unless, could she possibly find friends?

History: Born of a rich noble family a long time ago, Eleanor has the airs and graces of a court lady. She has become hardened through time as she realized that it wouldn't matter what she acted like anymore. She was the youngest daughter of five to go into marriage, and the ugliest-- clumsy and homely. She spent her days helping out her maids, then lectured by her mother to wear this corset and those shoes, going through many treatments to make her look more beautiful until permanent scars began to show. Her freedom loving personality faded away and she became meek and quiet and the graceful heir her mother would have loved, hidden under layers of cosmetics and rouge, silken dresses and shoes.

Of course she fell in love then. A servant, a scandal! Her mother found out and was so angry that she ordered his execution. Ellie went into a fury, and fought the cage of obedience she'd been woven into, and attempted to sneak him out in the middle of the night. Open rebellion felt good, and they had wanted to elope right then. Living for two weeks on the streets got them jeers until Eleanor's fine things were worn and torn, and she was constantly laughed at for her ugliness. Her lover lost hope, and she eventually followed, and attempted to go back to her family.

Her lover would not let her go and sold her at a nearby tavern for a few pounds, and she underwent much trauma that night. Enough, it seemed, to make her go insane.

The next morning, she broke free, ran back to her own house, put on all her makeup and her finest dresses, brushed her hair until it glowed, then took the musket and shot herself.

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