Lost in the outskirts of London, England. Children of all ages, get lost, and are scavenging for food. A bright path appears to those who need it most.

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What happened to 'avoiding at all costs'? (Open, PG-13)

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((I'm still unsure about a few things, but I'm going to attempt this RP anyway. Admins, if I write something that hasn't been approved or discussed, please delete this thread.))

Chloe's echoing voice could be heard all across the outside yard at school. Those evil kids who thought they were so cool just because they were graduating next year were picking on Chloe again. The truth was, Chloe doubted that they would graduate. Their intelligence wasn't at the highest level, you could say.
"What's that, blondie?" Said Julia, the tallest and meanest girl in the enitre school. "You want what?"
"I want you to leave me alone," Chloe said, her eyes tinged with red. She looked up at Julia. "Do you understand me? I don't want to deal with this crap."

Julia stared down at Chloe, probably trying to process the words. At that moment, Julia pulled out a 3 inch knife from her pocket. Chloe's eyes widened and she backed away. "Bloody hell, Julia," Chloe said, her voice shaking slightly. "If the school finds out that you have that here--" She was cut off by a swing of Julia's arm. The knife had left a cut across Chloe's right cheek. Her face was bleeding, and it was actually pretty bad. Chloe stumbled back as she put a hand on her cheek, attempting to stop the blood. Julia was laughing stupidly with her friends. Chloe refused to let tears fall. Instead, she shoved passed the three bullies, ignored the looks of concern from some other kids, and walked down the sidewalk; heading home.

By then, it had stopped bleeding. There was still a cut, though. It was about an inch long. Eventually, Chloe couldn't help it and she started to cry. How dare they attack her like that! She would never ever forgive them. They would be expelled for sure, which is what they deserved.

While walking, Chloe had forgotten to avoid the creepy trees and turn the other direction towards her house. She had so much on her mind from the 'incident' that she walked straight into a dark forest-- the one that Chloe had avoided all her life. Chloe finally realised that she'd missed the turn. She found herself staring down at a pathway, one that she'd never seen before. She looked around, and finally decided just to keep walking. It probably just led her home anyway.

As she kept following the path, she knew this wasn't leading her home. But the path was so dark that Chloe was afraid that she'd never find her way out. Panic started to overtake her. She was lost in the dark and had no idea where she was. I'll just follow the path back, She thought. She turned around, only to find that it was so dark that the path wasn't visible. She remembered it twisting and turning a lot, and she didn't want to risk hurting herself tripping over the side of the path. It had been lighter when she was first walking down the path.

Not much to do except keep walking, Chloe thought. She hid her extreme fear and panic very well. Eventually, she found herself in a strange little town. It still looked dark, and... abandoned? A quick wind brushed past Chloe's shoulder. She closed her eyes and tensed up. She then quickly turned around and found herself staring into the cold eyes of a ghost. Chloe let out a terrified scream and backed away. She shut her eyes again. Those idiots at school have done this to me, She thought. Julia's attack knocked me out. I'm at school... unconscious... She opened her eyes again to see the shimmery ghost floating away.

Chloe felt dizzy and sick. She sat down on the ground, hoping that someone would find her.

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((...I have a feeling this is going to be short.....for....reasons you know...kinda XD So...yeah and I apologize for being super late DX))

There had been a lot going on in the small town lately...too much for Jayden's taste. She didn't really like that much drama, especially when she was caught right in the middle of it. Though, today was a new day, and Jay thought that she ought to make the best of it.

She woke up at about, what she thought was, 4:39. Jay sighed, when she saw that it was still dark out, but gave up trying to fall back asleep for about an hour and a half; and got started for the day. She had gone to the diner, and had scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast, then headed to the barber shop to wash her thick, brown, curly hair. After that, she spent most of her day scoping the library to see what was still to be read, and if there had been any new additions to the wonderful library. Jayden had sat down in a padded chair with a copy of Jane Austen's Emma and began reading. She was very comfortable in that chair, and she ended up falling asleep; more than likely, because of her lack of sleep that night.

Jayden woke up to a book about a quarter of a meter from her face. War and Peace, possibly the thickest book in the history of thick books. "Get away from me," she said, with a glare to top it off. The ghost that had decided to grace Jay with that lovely wake up call had dropped the book on the floor, and floated away. Good riddance... she thought. Jayden moved a curtain that was near her, to see how bright it was outside; not too dark, though not as bright as when she had fallen asleep, she assumed.

Jay looked down at Emma and noticed that she was on page 416. Wow, I read farther than I thought I would, she thought, And now, I missed lunch....and it's probably close to supper time. With that thought, Jay got up from her comfy chair, and put a sliver of paper in the copy of Emma, then headed for the door. She placed her hand on the door knob to the main doors of the library, and turned around "There will be some issues if I come back here and that copy of Austen's Emma is either not there, or has been moved in some way! Just a warning!" she yelled to the emptiness of the library, though she heard some murmurs coming from nowhere. Jay nodded her head, then exited the library.

Jay headed towards her house to get a touch-up on her make-up, and do to something different with her hair. Just before she after she had gotten in the door or the old, creaky, two-story house, she heard a terrified scream. Now, most people would be like "What was that?" but Jayden, she shrugged it off, for the moment, from all of the weird things that go on at Ghost Town. Mitchel and I really need to find a better name for this place...Maybe one of the Angelic Spirits would know the name of the old town we have here.

Jay did a little make up touch up, which took maybe two minutes, then loose plated her hair. As soon as she finished with that, Jayden left her house, and headed towards Main Street to see what all of the commotion was about; and that was the way to the Diner.

When she got there, she noticed that a girl, short blonde hair, and a recent flesh wound on her right cheek, was sitting on the ground, with her eyes shut. There was also a little chill that had went up Jay's spine, "Much appreciated..." she said, sarcastically. Then right in her ear, as the hair on the back of her neck stood up, she heard a whisper, "Anytime..." She shivered, and thought That still freaks me out. Jay rushed over to the girl, despite her shyness, and squat down in front of her. "Hey, are you okay? That ghost didn't hurt you, did he?" Jay looked at the cut on the girl's cheek again, "That punk didn't do that to you, did he? If he did, he's in for a whole lot of trouble...and I don't mean the Angelic Spirits around here." Jayden stood up again, and out reached her hand to the girl, "I'm Jayden, by the way. Jayden Clarke. Who are you?"

((.....or maybe that was uber long O.o OH! and if you're wondering hair....but less frizzy and make-up))

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((XD It's fine, you weren't 'late.'))

Chloe sat there shivering for a few more minutes. She was shivering because of being cold, and because of complete and utter fear. Was that a real ghost? Was this some kind of prank? It could very well be Julia's doing. Maybe she'd knocked Chloe out with that attack. But that ghost encounter had felt so real. Then again... ghosts weren't even real, were they?

Chloe put her knees up and rested her head on them, her arms around it. Suddenly, she heard footsteps, and felt that someone was bending down near her. Chloe didn't know if it was another ghost or not, so she didn't look up. The person started to speak to her, and then stood up again. She held out her hand to help Chloe up. Chloe stood up so quickly that she had to regain her balance. The girl introduced herself as Jayden.
"I'm... Chloe..." Chloe said, still breathing heavily. "No, the ghost didn't do this to me." Chloe explained, her voice shaking, as she put a hand on the cut. "A-a girl at s-school did this..."
"...and I don't mean the Angelic Spirits around here." Jayden had said.
"Angelic? ...Is there another kind or something?" Chloe asked, her eyes widening. "And why are you here? Why am I here?" She looked around quickly, examining the buildings and everything else. "I'm sorry if I'm not making much sense... I've had a long day..." Chloe apologized.

((Sorry for the shortness... hope you can still work with it! If not, I can edit it and make it longer.))

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((I can work with it -nodnod-))

The girl introduced herself as Chloe, and she seemed a little bit shaky still. Chloe described how a girl had cut her cheek. "Oh. That looks painful. Why don't we go head the the church and see if we can get some spirits to help clean it," Jay offered.

"Angelic? ...Is there another kind or something? and why are you here? Why am I here?" Chloe had asked, with her eyes widened.

Jayden hadn't had to explain the condition of Ghost Town before, but she and Mitchel had been there about a year and a half now, so she thought that she knew what was going on, and why. She took a deep breath, then opened her mouth to speak. Though just before Jay was going to speak, Chloe explained, "I'm sorry if I'm not making much sense... I've had a long day..."

Jay smiled at Chloe, "Ah, it's no problem, most kids around here have no idea what's going on, or what to do, with so much other stuff going on in their lives. To answer your first question...about the ghosts...Yes, there are. There is the Angelic Spirits, who reside in the church, and they are usually around most places, other than the library. They also run the diner, which has ah-mazing Macaroni and Cheese, I do believe that it is an American thing...and now I'm getting off topic. Though, I'm here because I ran away. My parents died on a business trip when I was about thirteen, and then I was adopted into some hooligan-based family, and I hated it. I honestly don't know why I couldn't go live with my aunt or something...even just stay with the butler, he was more of a father than my father was anyway. But for you, only you know. The Path that brought you here, it only shows itself to kids who need it the most. And, you're the first new person I've seen in about a year. Congratulations! Your life sucks! Welcome to Ghost Town," Jay said, sarcastically, hoping that Chloe would get the joke.

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Chloe smiled thankfully when Jayden offered to find her some help with cleaning the cut. Chloe couldn't see it, but she felt dried blood on the side of her face. She touched it carefully, and winced at the pain. She stood there, still in utter disbelief that Julia would do something like that. Even with her unkind disposition, violence wasn't something she usually resorted to. She preferred to hurt people with words.

Chloe listened very carefully as Jay explained all about this place. It was difficult to pay attention with all the excitement going on, but she was desperate to know why she was here.. Chloe nodded every now and then to show Jay that she was listening and understood.
"...Congratulations! Your life sucks! Welcome to Ghost Town." Jayden ended her explanation. Chloe smiled weakly, knowing that Jayden was joking about that last part. Well, hopefully it was a joke. Chloe's life didn't 'suck.' She just had trouble with people at school. They bothered her all the time, and her parents would be upset with her for getting bad grades sometimes even when it was the fault of the bullies for not letting her focus.

... Maybe she did belong here after all. Even with Jayden's very good explanation, Chloe still had a lot of questions.
"Will I be able to get out of here? My parents... they have no idea where I am. I was walking home from school and I couldn't focus on anything... I accidentally came down this path that I've never been to before, and... well, here I am..." Chloe spoke looking down at the ground, but then looked up at Jayden pleadingly, hoping that the girl would be able to answer her questions.

((Is Chloe allowed to use a cell phone to tell her parents that she's OK? I PM-ed you about it. Her phone will die right after she uses it, so she can't use it again.))

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((O.o I'm uber late, and I apologize....DX And I think having a cell would be okay...though the reception in Ghost Town may not be very good...being they are in the middle of no where.....>.> And now...I have a feeling this will be a crappy post...and I apologize for that also...))

"Oh yeah, you can get out of here. The way out, is following the Path until you reach the end, then I would assume that you know you way home. Though, sometimes, the Path leads out right next to where you want to go, wherever the forest is closest to the place. It should lead you where you need."

Jayden's stomach had rumbled, ever so slightly; so slightly that she barely heard it. Now, Chloe had explained that she had just come from school, so Jay had assumed that she'd not eaten yet. "Are you hungry? We've got some really good food down in the diner. Plus, it's free of charge," Jay said with a smile, though she really hadn't ever had to say that before.

The wind began to pick up, and the smell of ozone began to fill the area. Lovely, Jayden thought as she knew that there was a storm coming soon. The Ghost Kids didn't really know what the weather was like until it happened, if it was supposed to rain, they would know when it starting raining. Though, Jayden knew from previous experience that if there was a smell of ozone, which she loved, then a storm was more than likely going to occur within the next hour. "At any rate, I think we'd better get going somewhere. A storm's a brewin'."

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Chloe grinned--she felt a bit better. Jayden seemed pretty nice, and Chloe needed to be around someone nice. She pulled out her cell phone and turned,
"Excuse me for a moment," She said. She dialed her mother's number, and didn't get an answer until after several rings.
"Chloe?!" Was what she heard from the other end. Her mother sounded desperately worried... or scared.
"Mum!" Chloe said, surprised at her mother's tone.
"Chloe," Her mother repeated. "Are you home?"
"No," Chloe said slowly. Where was her mother if she was asking if Chloe was home? "I'm kinda--"
"Listen, sweetie," Her mother said. "Your father and I have just been in a car crash."
Chloe's mind went blank with shock. She forced herself to keep listening.
"Are you alright?! Should I--" Once again, she was cut off.
"Your father has a minor injury, and I probably do too. We're on our way to the hospital, are you OK by yourself?" Her mother spoke very quickly, and sounded as if she were trying not to cry.
"Yes, yes, I'm alright. Please stay safe! Please!"
"Alright, Chloe, if you need help, contact Ms. Field across the street..."
"But, Mum, I'm not home! I'm in this town--"
"Stay there, then, if you're safe! Just stay safe, that's all I ask!"
"Alright..." Chloe said, choking back tears. "So I shouldn't come visit you?"
"No, we'll hopefully be home soon," Chloe wasn't convinced, but she did what she was told. The signal started to break, and Chloe spoke again.
"Goodbye, see you soon," Chloe said.
"Goodbye, Chloe. Oh--here, your father says bye too. Stay safe, sweetie."

Chloe closed her phone, but didn't move. She approached Jayden, unsure of what to say. She explained some of what her mother had told her. Chloe just couldn't believe it. She was extremely worried, but didn't know what to do. Should she go home? No--her mother had instructed her to stay in the town. Or had she? Chloe's felt so stressed and worried, and didn't even remember what her mother had said. Thinking about it, Chloe wasn't even sure of where to go after she found her way out of the town. She was stuck there for a while.

"Yeah... let's get inside..." Chloe said, glancing at the stormy sky.

((Sorry for the stupidness and LATENESS of this post!))

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