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Odie's time in the church

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1 Odie's time in the church on Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:37 pm

By the time he got to the church, Odie was sprinting. As soon as he opened the huge doors, he smelt the familiar aroma that only an old church could have. Odie then experienced sort of warm embrace, and noticed some angelic spirits hugging him. Odie really did feel at home here, in a way he had never experienced before.

This is about the time Odie felt connected to God for the first time. This is when he changed. He slowly walked up to a pew, and started praying to God.

Hey, you might not know me. I sure don't know you. But I was wondering, does anyone love me? I mean, sure my parents did. But do you? Does anybody else? God, give me answers. Please change me, although I feel changed already.

Odie was happy. He walked out of the church, satisfied.

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2 Re: Odie's time in the church on Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:19 am

Jayden had just gotten done with the library when Odie had said he was going out to the church, and that she could follow him if she'd like. On her way to the church, Jay had stopped at her house...thing...and dropped off her book. By the time she had gotten to the beautiful, old church, Odie had either just gotten there, or just gotten done. She would have ran towards him, but she decided it wouldn't be smart in what she was wearing. Instead of running, she thought she could just holler and wave at him. "Odie! Hey!" Jay said, as she got closer to him.

Jayden was still feeling a little guilty for what had happened in the earlier time that she'd known Odie...turning him down and all, but she hoped that it wouldn't hurt their friendship. She really enjoyed having Odie as a friend, along with everyone else she'd met here at Ghost Town. Jayden stopped right when she was about two and a half feet away from Odie. "So, did you just get here, or am I a little late?" she asked. Jay didn't really like being very late, she preferred to be right on time--if she could at least. She knew there wasn't a destination time for meeting someone at the church if they'd just gone, but still, she had issues with it.

Jayden wondered if Odie still liked her, and she tried to make what she was about to say a lot less awkward. "Hey, em...Odie...Would it be too late to reject your offer of the first official couple of Ghost Town?" She was hoping that it didn't sound like she would be accepting his offer to go out as feeling bad for the fellow, but as a genuine acceptance that she felt something for him.

((haha! Betchya didn't see that comin' did 'ya? ^-^))

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3 Re: Odie's time in the church on Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:04 am

((haha no way))
Odie was surprised. " Um Uhh, Umm yeah.. I mean, well, no. You are not late. Umm... You wanna go out with me?" Odie stuttered. "Jayden wants...to go out with me? Oh. I see how it is. Jayden feels bad for me, so she goes to ask me out. Right? Or are you serious?" Odie was shaking slightly and he wasn't sure why."But if you really do want to go out with me, well, of course I want to go out with you!!" Odie managed to spit out.

"Of coursh I want to go out wit ya!!" Flyer exclaimed happily.

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