Lost in the outskirts of London, England. Children of all ages, get lost, and are scavenging for food. A bright path appears to those who need it most.

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Em...Excuse me....Who are you? ((Mitchel, only; SET IN THE PAST; possibly PG-13))

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"God, just leave me alone!" Jayden yelled at her parents, as she sprinted up the winding stairs of her house. Once she got to the upper floor, she continued her sprint to a little doorway, "Locked..." she said, under her breath. She swiftly walked back over to her bedroom, opened the door, and grabbed a skeleton key (the key that opens the locked door), and put the key in her pockets. The brunette exited her room, only to have something catch her elbow, which was her father, his grip the tightest he'd ever gripped. "Dad, let go of me!" Jay screamed, half in pain, half of the terrifying thoughts that had entered the girl's brain. When he didn't let go, Jay slammed her foot down on the soft part of her father's foot, instantly letting her go, so that he could tend to his injury. She heard him mutter something along the lines of, "I knew we shouldn't have let her take those self-defense classes..." She grinned as she sprinted towards the locked door, and shoved the key into the keyhole, twisted a full 360 degrees, quickly opened the door, and shut it, silently, before her dad could have the time to react.

The door automatically locked as it is closed. Jayden slid down the door, sobbing. She whispered, "Why isn't there just something else in this world, that can be anywhere but here?!" A sigh escaped her, a sigh of frustration. She got up, and peeked through the keyhole, to see if her dad was still out there. The house had grown eerily silent as she did so. She had heard steps going down the creaking spiraling staircases of the Clarke's mansion. She clicked the door open, and tip-toed to her room, where she grabbed a bag that she could put some stuff in. After raiding through her closet, dressers, and compartments in her room, she slug the bag over her shoulders, and tip-toed her way back to the room which she had just been in. Jay left the door a little bit open, so it made easy access for her. She noticed that there was a secret staircase behind the door, and scampered up them. A slide-like thing, which may of may not have been safe at the time, was at the top of them. I wonder where it leads, she thought as she slid down the slide-like thing. The slide ended at the edge of the Clarke's house, though a little shaft door that opened from the impact of Jay's feet. She sprinted across the lawn to the gate, hopped it, then ran off into the streets of London.

((Mitchel, you can just do whatever you want in the next post, but my next is when Jay actually gets into the streets of London, and the alley and all that fun stuff))

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Mitchel woke up to blinding sunlight stinging his eyes. "Holy crap, I slept in again!" By the sun he could tell that it was a little before noon. He tried to just close his eyes, but today was an untaturally sunny day. He sat up and looked around. People were walking around over at the end of the alley, but they were to concerned with thier own lives to notice him. Mitchel's stomach made a very loud noise, and he realized that he hadn't eaten in almost a week. He was fine for water, because drinking fountains were common. He stood up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, then casually strolled out of the alley.

It was even brighter outside of the alley, so he squinted so he wouldn't go blind. He looked around and spotted a bread basket lieing next to a womans feet. Mitchel started drooling even by the sight of it, not to mention the smell. He silently limped over to the basket, waited for the woman to look away, and grabbed a loaf. This would last him for weeks, since he was used to only having bits of food at a time. He put the bread behind his back and walked backwards toward the alley. Once the woman was out of sight, he turned around and went into the alley.

He walked over towards where his hat was sitting, along with his coat. He plopped himself on the ground next to them, then ripped a small piece of the bread off and started eating it. He could barely believe he had so much luxury. The taste was so rich, and it seemed to melt in his mouth. Mitchel was almost afraid to swallow because the taste might leave. He closed his eyes and just concentrated on the taste. Nothing else in the world mattered, nothing.

((enough "fluff" for you Jay? XD))


sigs credit to: Kirralee Tates, Alana Foxx, Laura Arai, Amalia Rine,Hades, and Eli Miller, all from Half-Blood Hill RPG! AND Jayden Clarke!!
Hey Mitchel, you should love Jayden for fixing your animations so they aren't as small ^-^

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