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Entering the Library....again.

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1 Entering the Library....again. on Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:23 pm

Odie shoved open the doors of the library and threw himself in. When Odie was inside, he looked up and noticed that there was not a demonic spirit in sight. Must all be in the attic.. Odie thought. Odie walked to the very back of the library, where he had never been. I never noticed how much I love this place... Odie thought to himself. He picked up a book. He knew he could probably only make out a few words, (he learned some on the street) but he brought it over to a chair anyway. The only word Odie could read on the cover was the word, "the". Then out of the blue, so many thoughts rushed into his head. I am not a pest... I hate Mitchel soo much, I wanna fight. I wanna tell him I wanna fight. Odie thought this, but never knew that Mitchel knew how to fight very, very well. Odie threw the book onto the ground, causing many probably important pages to go sprawling, floating around the room. ((sorry for the boringness in this post!!))

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2 Re: Entering the Library....again. on Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:47 pm

Jayden had been all over the town today, and yet not stopped in her favorite place. As she entered the library, as silent as a ninja, she saw that Odie was there. Huh, she thought, I've not seen him here for a while. I wonder what's up. She was just about to approach him when she saw the book that he was holding slam to the ground with great force, and pages flying everywhere, along with dust from the years that these books had. She quickly changed her mind, and went to a bookshelf. She could scan these bookshelves for years on end, and never be bored...Well, at least until she had read the entire library.

Jayden found herself eying Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice a classic that she had yet to read. Growing up the way she did, she didn't have much time for reading or anything with her parents's schedules taking them nearly all over Europe. She grabbed it off of its shelf, and walked back over to the atrium area of the library. "Hey Odie...are you okay?" she asked, brining up the incident when she had first entered the old library

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3 Re: Entering the Library....again. on Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:29 pm

Odie jumped when he had heard a voice. He looked up to see Jayden. "Oh,hey Jayden." Odie said glumly. "I hate Mitchel. But the thing is, I don't wanna hate him! Do you think I need to go spend some time in the church? I don't feel....right. Everybody hates me. I know what your response is gonna be to that." Odie started imitating a girl's voice. "Oh, I don't hate you, Odie! I don't hate you!" Odie switched back to his regular voice. "But you have to admit that EVERYBODY HATES ME!!" Odie glanced down. "I'm goin' ta' the church." Odie slowly rose, and walked out of the library.

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