Lost in the outskirts of London, England. Children of all ages, get lost, and are scavenging for food. A bright path appears to those who need it most.

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Zafirah Dunn

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1Zafirah Dunn Empty Zafirah Dunn on Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:00 pm

Name: Zafirah Dunn

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Birthday (optional): January 1st

Species (underline it) : Human ; Demonic Spirit ; Angelic Sririt

***A minimum of fifty words please for the following***

Appearance: Zaffirah is a very short person, even for a ten year old. She has very dark brown hair that reaches just below her shoulders. She has stormy gray eyes that gets everyone staring. Zafirah is what most people consider as "cute", but she has tattered clothes that have always been to big for her, and old converse. Her hair is never done up, but always brushed so you can see the shine.

Personality: Zafirah is a very nice girl. She is almost always happy, and is very curious about everything around her. She is mostly very calm when she's alone, but when she gets scared in the slighest bit, she freakes out. Creaky doors, wierd shadouw, spiders, and sudden noises are at the top of her list. Boys, she likes, as long as they treat her with respect. She adores every animal she see's.

History: Zafirah's parents got divorced when she was five. She lived with her mother happily untill she died from a stroke, when Zafirah was eight. SHe then went to live with her father, in a whole other country. He trated her like a servant, forcing her to do all the work in the house by threatening her. On her tenth birthday, she had had enough. She grabbed a loaf of bread, a set of clothes, and snuck out the back door. She roamed the streets for ten months, then she noticed a bright, silver path...

***Simple Answer***

How did you hear about us? Mitchel Kolamahar

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