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How to Role Play!

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1How to Role Play! Empty How to Role Play! on Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:00 pm

I know that not all the people in the world have been on a Role Play site before. Roleplaying is a skill one cannot master in a day, a month, or maybe even a year. It takes time and practice as well as an active imagination. Don't feel intimidated by good roleplayers. Read their posts and learn from mistakes you have made in yours that they don't. So here's some tips for you first timers, and everyone else that needs help with their RP skills. So... here goes!

1.) Check your post before you post it. If theres somthing in there against the rules and you already posted it, please PM a Mod or an Admin so we can edit it.

2.) Relate your character to you, and when somthing happens, respond the way you would respond.

3.) Use descriptive words so that the image you're trying to create is more clear.

4.) Make sure not to have your character think or say anything that they dont know.

5.) Your character is not perfect, they need to make mistakes sometimes!

6.) There is no right or wrong way to write your RP. Just write it like you would if you were writing a book. Every author has a different way of writing. If you read Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, you'll see what I mean!

7.) You're allowed to be in more than one thread at a time. Yes... I know that is not possible in real life, to be in two places at once, but this is a website!

8.) Role play in past tense, because "Tommy is quickly running down the hall. He is falling over. He is rolling around in pain." is harder to read then "Tommy quickly ran down the hall. Suddenly, he fel over and started rolling around in pain."

9.) GRAMMAR! Use good grammar in your posts, unless your character is talking, and just talks like that. Other than that, ALWAYS USE GOOD GRAMMAR!

((add from Jay)) 10.)  If ever you want to make your posts longer, and you are like me, and you do better writing out the old fashioned way (aka pen/pencil and paper), actually write out your post, and do some pre-writing so that you know exactly what is going to be in your post, other than just kind of sitting there are you keyboard with three sentences of a reply.

11.)  Add colorful terminology to your posts.  Rather than, "George walked out of his house," try "George stormed out of his dark grey house, after his mom got extremely angry with him."  This is not just a fun way to spice up those post, but also to make them longer. ( add from Mitchel: Dont use to many Adjectives though, because it makes your bost cluttered and hard to read and you end up forgetting what the subject is)

((more add from Jay ^-^)) 12.)  DETAIL!  Detail is your friend.  It is a good way to actually visualize what you are reading.  It kind of goes along with colorful terminology.  Instead of "Mitchel saw a tree next to Odie, and there was something, not touching the ground, in front of it," try "Mitchel saw an evergreen tree behind Odie, with something floating in front of it."

((More from Mitchel)) Please for the sake of humanity, DO NOT make a long boring post that will make everyone give up and not reply for weeks. There is a reason our limit is 50 and not 1000. I know that personally like to get my RP done quickly so the thread can continue. I don't care if you are the best writer in the universe, your post is still going to seem boring when you're only using one character. Read some books and see how much authors switch between different characters. It is not five paragraphs, probably two at max.

Thats pretty much it! If you have role played before, and want to add or change somthing on the list, PM me, or Jayden! Any questions, reply!

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