Lost in the outskirts of London, England. Children of all ages, get lost, and are scavenging for food. A bright path appears to those who need it most.

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Vincent Harrison

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1Vincent Harrison Empty Vincent Harrison on Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:38 pm

Name: Vincent Harrison

Age: ummm... really old?

Gender: Male

Birthday (optional): October 13

Species (underline it) : Human ; Demonic Spirit ; Angelic Spirit ; Neutural Spirit

***A minimum of fifty words please for each of the following***

Appearance: Vincent is of average height and weight. He has almost shoulder length hair that is all black except one bright white streak. He is very pale, which makes him easier to look through. He wears dark old English clothing all the time. He has dark brown, almost black eyes, that make you want to run and hide.

Personality: Vincent is very laid back and naturally evil. He can scare people without even trying, and has an uncontrollable fascination with blowing things up, and fixing them later of course. He is almost oblivious to anyone around him, and day-dreams a lot. On very peculiar days, he takes lead of others and actually does something productive, but usually he is just lazy.He really is in love with Venus, but he doesn't show it much.

History: Vincent was born and raised in downtown London, but moved to Huntington when he was seventeen after he ran away from his mother and his step dad. He worked in the barber shop for a few years and met Venus when he was twenty-two. They courted for seven years until Vincent proposed by the creek. They were soon married and lived in a modest house near the woods. They lived happily for many years and had a child named Jacob (pronounced yah-kob), but he died when he was seven from the plague, leaving Vincent in despair. He didn't notice anything going on around him, only thinking of his poor son. When the war came, he barely even noticed, until the town was destroyed. Vincent died trying to help Venus and himself get out of a fire, but neither succeeded.

***Simple Answer***

How did you hear about us? haha... I'm also Mitchel XD

Other information about your character: Totally not based off of Sweeney Todd XD

ACCEPTED! ((did I really need to accept myself?))

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