Lost in the outskirts of London, England. Children of all ages, get lost, and are scavenging for food. A bright path appears to those who need it most.

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Meeting at Jayden's House (Jayden)

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1 Meeting at Jayden's House (Jayden) on Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:29 am

Eliza's emotions were all over the place. Everyone around here can be so mean! Eliza thought angrily as she was walking around Ghost Town. Odie seems to be a nice fellow, when he isn't being immature around Mitchel. I thought Jayden was nice, but she is a spoiled brat who only cares about herself and how others view her. Eliza looked down at the ground, anger still sweeping over her. I suppose I should apologize to her, but she was rude to Mitchel. Eliza then felt her heart quicken again. Her body temperature started to rise. And Mitchel... Eliza sighed happily. Then she thought back to the theater. Well, he isn't very happy with me at the moment. He'll be fine in a little bit. I hope. Eliza then saw she was near the houses. She looked down the street. Eliza then stared at the house Jayden lived in. Eliza sighed. It wouldn't hurt to talk to her. Eliza slowly walked on the path which led to Jayden's door. With a shaky arm, Eliza lightly knocked on the door, panic written all over her face.

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